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Harry Potter agus an Teanga Gaeilge? Ní fós! Posted by on Jul 18, 2009 in Irish Language

All the world’s a-buzz, once again, about Harry, so we may as well join the sluaite for this ábhar as well. Cá bhfuil na sé leabhar eile? Tá an chéad leabhar ar fáil sna teangacha Gaeilge, Breatnais, Laidin, agus SeanGhréigis, coimisiúnaithe ag Bloomsbury iad féin. Tá an dara leabhar ar fáil sa Laidin chomh maith, ach sin an méid. I was delighted when I learned that an Irish translation of Harry Potter had finally appeared, Harry Potter agus an Órchloch, but it was about seven years after the English version was published, whereas many other foreign language aistriúcháin (translations) had appeared within about a year of the English original. At this point, it is unclear if Bloomsbury intends to finish the series in the languages they commisioned. As the final stages of the series reach their conclusion (scannán amháin eile le teacht), it seems less likely that these editions will ever appear. I hope I get proven mícheart!

Meanwhile, how about na ceisteanna seo (these questions) for conversation starters?

1. Cé mhéad mac atá ag Mr. agus Mrs. Weasley?
a) ceathrar b) cúigear c) seisear d) seachtar

2. Cén t-ainm atá ar ulchabhán Harry?
a) Kempe b) Hedwig c) Wilbur

3. Cén t-ainm atá ar fhrancach Ron?
a) Ratataouille b) Scabbers c) Trevor

4. Cé mhéad deartháir (brother) atá ag Ron Weasley?
a) deartháir amháin b) ceathrar deartháireacha c) cúigear deartháireacha

5. Cén carachtar is fearr leat sa tsraith (series) leabhartha? ________ (do rogha freagra) (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, srl.)

6. Cén t-aisteoir is fearr leat sa tsraith scannán? _____ (do rogha freagra) (Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Alan Rickman, srl.)

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