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Tír le Teanga Posted by on Feb 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Agus aríst eile!  And yet again!  More nationalities and ethnicities, but this time for you to figure out. 

I’m giving you ainm na tíre / an cheantair agus ainm na teanga / na dteangacha.  I hope that from that, you can figure out the nationality, ethnicity, or relevant ethnonym.  And then, if it’s yours, please send us a comment so we can add it to our totals.  Freagraí thíos. 

I’m mostly sticking to the main languages spoken traditionally in the country or region.  Some areas, I know, would fill an entire blog with the list of all their languages.  Here we have just the tip of the iceberg, or maybe I should just say one stor(e)y of Túr Bháibil.  Which, if it really accommodates the world’s 6000 or so languages must be a very tall tower indeed.  Cá bhfuil tú, a C-3PO?  Is tú an t-aon dóchas amháin atá againn (ar son cumarsáide)!

Watch out for the fact that often, if the final consonant of the country name is slender, it gets broadened for the ethnonym.

1. An Albáin, Albáinis

2. An Albain, Gaeilge na hAlban

3. An Fhrainc, Fraincis

4. An Róimh, Iodáilis

5. An Rúis, Rúisis

6. Cuáit, Araibis

7. Cúba, Spáinnis

8. Na hOileáin Fhilipíneacha, Tagálaigis / Filipínis (i measc a lán teangacha eile, cinnte)

9. Nunavut, Ionúitis

10. Peiriú, Spáinnis agus Ceatsuais

And, just le haghaidh an chraic, how ‘bout this one?

11. An Astráil, *Straighnis”

Freagraí: 1. Albánach, 2. Albanach, 3. Francach, 4. Rómhánach / Iodálach, 5. Rúiseach, 6. Cuátach, 7. Cúbach, 8. Tagálagach / Filipíneach, 9. Ionúiteach / Ceanadach, 10. Ceatsuach / Peiriúch, 11. Astrálach (the language name given for no. 11 is my concoction, based on “Strine,” as in Let Stalk Strine, by “Afferbeck Lauder” (Alastair Ardoch Morrison) or Larry Rivera’s glossary at  L’maith, a mháta?

Nóta: the title of this blog is based on the famous quote, “Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam.” 

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