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Language Facts for You to Brag About Posted by on Jul 12, 2011 in Language Learning

Transparent Connect is passionate about languages, and to showcase our love, we’re giving you some language “fun facts” to share with others throughout your day!

  • Fact: There was no standardized punctuation until the 15th century.
  • Fact: The word taxi is spelled the same in English, German, French, Swedish, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Fact:  At least half of the world’s population are bilingual or multilingual (i.e. they speak two or more languages).
  • Fact: Bilingualism brings with it many benefits: it makes the learning of additional languages easier, enhances the thinking process and fosters contacts with other people and their cultures.
  • Fact: According to research, on average, people who use languages in their jobs earn around 8% more!
  • Fact: We’re announcing the addition of 8 new languages to our online courses, bringing us to a total of 15 available languages.


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