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We’ve Got you Covered – Online Language Learning for Schools Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Language Learning, Trends

A great language-learning program should, first and foremost, prepare students for all of the amazing opportunities they’re likely to encounter once they successfully move on from school. However, a really great program doesn’t just focus on the needs of the student; it should support those of the educator, as well. We’ve created Transparent Language Online to do just that!

Unlike competing programs, the Transparent Language Online system is specifically designed to cover all of the different ways that students, instructors and educational institutions might want to incorporate a language-learning solution into their curricula and campus community, including:

As a complementary instruction tool, fully-integrated into existing language curriculum – Transparent Language Online lets instructors create and customize the learning material to meet the goals of their curricula.  The integrated assignment and tracking capabilities increase instructor productivity and drive student usage to improve learning outcomes.

As a supplement to existing curricula – Transparent Language Online provides hundreds of hours of learning material, allowing language learning resource centers to offer supplemental resources for world language students.

As a completely self-guided, independent study resource – Transparent Language Online contains the Essentials courses, thousands of supplemental vocabulary items, as well as dozens of other resources that allow learners to independently build new language skills or maintain existing skills, all on their own.

In addition to all of the ways Transparent Language Online can be used in the classroom, the program also enables the learning of over 80 languages, including English and many less commonly taught languages such as Arabic, Haitian Creole, Mandarin, and Persian Farsi – just to name a few.  Plus Transparent Language Online includes English learning resources targeted at the advanced beginner to intermediate level learner.  Just because your international students have passed the TOEFL or TOEIC exam doesn’t mean they don’t need to continue building their English skills.

Easy to implement right out of the box as a supplement to current classroom activities, yet powerful enough to customize for a tight fit with your curriculum, Transparent Language Online is perfect for all K-12 and Higher education communities looking to add some spice to their foreign language teaching efforts.

So whatever your reason for needing to bring language learning into your classroom, school or community, we’ve got you covered!

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About the Author: Chuck McGonagle

SVP, General Manager

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