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Building Up Your Confidence Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Language Learning, Product Recommendations

Have you heard that the more languages you learn, the easier it is to learn another? It’s not because of being smarter or possessing some special powers. It’s because of the techniques you’ve learned, familiarity with new sounds and letters and the confidence built up from your experiences. The only thing holding you back is not discovering that you have that confidence in the first place (it’s usually getting shoved aside by fear and doubt).

How To Build Up Confidence

Are you undecided about what language you want to learn? Or do you think learning a language is scary and too much work? Are you reading about the difficulties and struggles others have had in learning a language and seeing yourself in those situations? Everyone has a reason why learning a language is difficult or there’s not enough time to do so.

But if you really want to learn a language, and think you can’t seem to find the time, then why not try learning a language that will give you that boost you need? This language is Esperanto. The reason why I recommend learning this language first is that it is a very easy language to start with. Most of the vocabulary is based on other European languages so you’ll find thousands of words you already recognize. So, is it really that easy to learn? Here’s a hint: pronunciation is the easiest you can learn, there are no gender rules to learn, there are no verb conjugations, not even exceptions to the rules, and the vocabulary is practically unchanged whenever you see or use it.

As you go further in your studies, you’ll find that language you really wanted to start off with doesn’t seem all that scary or difficult anymore. In fact, once you start learning that – it becomes your second language! That’s right, you learned Esperanto and that’s your first language. You feel a little more confident – you guess you can tackle that other language.

Any Language Will Do

Although I used Esperanto as an example of getting your language learning off the ground, you can do this with just about any language. I chose Esperanto as it’s the easiest language to learn and you can get to an advanced level much quicker than with a language like Spanish (which is also considered an easy to learn language).

The point I’m making is that something easy will get you miles ahead, be it languages, your job, or what have you. But simple confidence in itself won’t come to you unless you try something you know you’ll be able to handle.


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About the Author: Sean Young

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