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Tech News: Student Success at San Diego State Posted by on Jan 3, 2013 in Reference/Usage Tips, Trends

Technology offers the potential to revolutionize the way that we teach and learn.  Mobile apps, in particular, are making their mark on this generation of language learners, since apps allow learners to study on the go and use small chunks of time productively.  The Language Acquisition Resource Center, (LARC,) at San Diego State University has been an innovator and leader in this space, helping students use online language tools like Transparent Language Online, as well as tools designed specifically for Android and iOS devices.

SDSU has implemented the Transparent Language flashcard app in the LARC and works with instructors and students to customize the learning material for individual instructors’ curricula.  The learning material can then be accessed on smart phones and other devices.  This technology is used with students of Dari, Pashto, Japanese, among other languages.  Dari instructors, for example, create learning material that pairs with the topics covered on each day of their curriculum, and they assign this material outside of class.

Data collected on these students indicate that technology significantly augments their language learning outcomes.  Instructors improve the learning experience further with rich visual content, native pronunciation audio content, and animation. Students report that the flashcard app is a critical part of the learning experience.

Transparent Language is a proud supporter of student success at SDSU and other top institutions.  Bonne chance, tout le monde!

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