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Learn Spanish Online with Authentic Conversation Videos Posted by on Jul 10, 2013 in Product Announcements

The beauty of an online learning environment is that it can easily grow and evolve over time.  We’re always making improvements, adding new features, activities, and even languages to Transparent Language Online (which already offers over 80 languages). Newest to our lineup of courses is the Spanish Conversations Course, a video-based course that follows the everyday conversations of native Spanish speakers.

online spanish conversation course

Transparent Language’s Spanish Conversations Course focuses on daily interactions and dialogues between native speakers. Each unit centers on an authentic conversation video filmed in a Spanish-speaking country. These vignettes provide meaningful context to the course because they introduce the scene, illustrate social and cultural settings, and provide the framework for the conversations to come.

spanish conversation course

Learners begin each lesson by viewing the conversation video and then begin learning, practicing, and producing small components of the dialogue. The sequence of activities in each subsequent lesson forms the building blocks of the conversations. By the end of each unit, learners are fully engaged in the scenario, identify with the characters, and participate in an authentic Spanish conversation.

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