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8 Mistakes That Haunt Language Learners (and How You Can Avoid Them!) Posted by on Sep 29, 2014 in Language Learning

Language learners of all abilities and backgrounds have something in common: they make mistakes—lots and lots of them. Language teachers and experts actually encourage making mistakes, as each false friend you employ and every verb conjugation you mangle is a learning opportunity. Learning by doing (even doing wrong) is powerful. So, keep on makin’ mistakes, language learners… as long as they’re productive mistakes.

Beware, though! Some language learners make the wrong kind of mistakes—disastrous errors actually prohibit them from improving and progressing. Are you inadvertently sabotaging your language-learning efforts? Check out this SlideShare to see which mistakes are haunting language learners, and learn how you can avoid them.

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About the Author: meaghan

Meaghan is the Social Media Coordinator for Transparent Language, aka the messenger of language news to twitterverse. She once had a love/hate relationship with French, but the two are now very happy together, although one time she was a little unfaithful with a semester of Hausa lessons. @meagmcgon

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