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At Transparent Language, we don’t just support learners of a foreign language, we support teachers, too! That’s why we started our Education Webinar series back in 2014. We’ve had so many requests for new presentation dates that we’ve recorded the webinars. Now you can watch anytime, anywhere. First up: Flipping Your Language Classroom.

What is the flipped classroom?

In a traditional classroom, the teacher stands in front of his or her students to impart some knowledge, while the students are often sitting passively, listening, or taking notes. Students are then sent home to complete application activities, which they lovingly refer to as homework, in isolation.

In the flipped classroom, students are expected to interact with and learn new material prior to coming to class—often on the computer. Then, during class, the teacher acts as a guide to facilitate interactive activities. In this approach, students are doing the application portion of the lesson in class, with the support of the teacher.

Why flip?

As teachers, most of you will be familiar with Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience. For those not familiar, the important takeaway is that when students are simply listening or reading material, they retain only a fraction of what they would retain if they were more actively involved. One of the major benefits of the flipped classroom model is that it frees up a significant amount of class time for active learning. Imagine your students using new vocabulary and employing new grammar concepts while performing a skit or participating in a debate.

Flipping your language classroom also helps differentiate the learning. Those who are fast learners can quickly complete the lesson at home, while those who need more support can redo, pause, rewind, etc. as necessary.

It’s also beneficial for parents and students alike. When students complete the lesson at home, rather than the application, parents can see the learning in action and learn alongside their child. Having access to lessons at home also helps out those poor parents of sick children. No more worrying about what their child is missing during their sick days.

How do I flip my classroom?

This part is better left explained in person! Our 20-year veteran language teacher explains how and why to flip in this free webinar.

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