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How to Teach Grammar Through Technology [Webinar] Posted by on Feb 25, 2015 in Company News, education, Events, Language Learning

At Transparent Language, we don’t just support learners of a foreign language, we support teachers, too!  That’s why we started our Education Webinar series earlier this year. We’ve received so much positive feedback from attendees—and requests from educators unable to attend—that we’re repeating the series in early 2015! Up next: how to teach grammar through technology. You can preview the webinar slides and register to join us below!

What is the purpose of learning grammar?

The ultimate goal of many language learners is to communicate with others, so why bother sitting down with something as dull and dry as grammar? Consider this: the better our knowledge of grammar, the clearer we can speak, and the more likely it is that we will be understood. Grammar allows speakers to communicate clearly, but also form more complex, compelling sentences, resulting in more rewarding interactions in the language. And even if your goal is to speak at a high level, the ability to read and write in a language is paramount for proficiency. Having a strong knowledge of grammar helps develop these skills.

Beyond the practical, learning grammar can be fun. (Gasp! We know.) Identifying patterns and making connections can be exciting and motivating. We all want that “ah ha!” light bulb moment, and exploring the logic and grammar of a language is a great way to achieve that.

What are the elements of an effective grammar lesson?

Any effective grammar lesson should include four components:

  • First, learners need to internalize the new rule or concept in an input activity, such as reading a blog post that includes many examples of that grammar pattern.
  • Second, learners need to engage with and practice using the rule in a conscious-raising task, such as highlighting each example of the grammar rule in that blog.
  • Third, learners should demonstrate their understanding of the rule through some kind of output activity, such as writing their own blog article using the rule.
  • Finally, learners need to receive feedback on their work, either from their peers, their instructor, or both.

How do I incorporate technology into grammar lessons?

This part is better left explained in person! Want expert tips from a 20+ year veteran teacher of French and Spanish? How about sample lesson plans that use technology to teach grammar? Join us at our upcoming webinars:

Monday March 9, 2015 7:00-8:00pm EST

Thursday March 26, 2015 4:00-5:00pm EST

Have questions or comments before, during, or after the webinar? Connect with us on Twitter using #TLedwebinars.

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    These webinars seem to be very interesting and I would love to participate but I live in Europe and this is timely not possible.
    Is there a recording of the webinar available after?
    Thanks a lot

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