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Transparent Connect Offers 3 New Corporate Language Training Programs Posted by on Aug 3, 2015 in For Businesses

In a globalized world, businesses need to operate in multiple languages, but when personnel need to learn or improve a language, it’s too expensive, takes too long and is too distracting.

For years Transparent Language has developed and delivered innovative and hard-working technology that materially improve the economics, logistics, reliability and visibility of some of the world’s most rigorous language schools and programs. We are now bringing that capability to the corporate sector. We are not talking about some future “better” technology or methodology; we are talking about “transformative,” and we are talking about today.

Corporate organizations can choose from three online language training programs, each of which works for any language of language background or skill level. They just vary in intensity.

transparent connect language training

Transparent Connect™ ACT Basic

The Accelerated Core Tutoring (ACT) Basic program organizes learners into level-based cohorts. Groups of 10 to 40 learners of the same general proficiency level step through the weekly guided program together, but every student will receive a customized lesson plan that supports their proficiency goals. A professionally-trained instructor will create a custom lesson in Transparent Language Online each week, which students are expected to complete prior to attending the weekly lecture (or watching a weekly lecture video, for the busy bees among us).

Students can expect to spend 4 or 5 hours a week completing this independent learning in addition to attending a 1-hour open house session for conversation practice. Want to know what your employees have been up to? Don’t worry – we also provide reports to help you monitor their progress.

Protect your investment and track your employees’ progress with the reporting tools in Transparent Language Online, like this sample activity report.Class-activity-report.02.14.2014

Transparent Connect™ ACT Premier

The ACT Premier program includes all of the Basic program components, but also offers students more one-on-one time with the instructor. Cohort sizes are reduced to only 5 to 15 learners, all of whom will receive a weekly individual tutoring session lasting 30 minutes. This option is ideal for employees who need to complete more structured, task-based activities with their instructor to gain immediate, targeted feedback in real time.

Transparent Connect™ Capstone

Need a few of your employees to get rigorous, one-on-one training or make a massive leap in their language proficiency? We have a solution for that, too. The Capstone program is a highly-individualized 16-week online course that is best suited for learners with more advanced proficiency goals. Each week, students can expect to spend 3 hours completing customized Transparent Language Online lessons in preparation for a 1-hour live session with their instructor in our virtual classroom. This exclusive access to the instructor will emphasize speaking and listening skills. Upon completing the Capstone course, students will receive a completion certificate, along with an e-portfolio with lesson plans, follow up reports, and more.

We put this rigorous training to the test with a government employee from New Zealand*. At the beginning of his Capstone course, the student was able to say only a few simple words in Mandarin. After logging more than 60 hours between independent study in Transparent Language Online and private sessions with his instructor, he achieved high enough proficiency to survive daily life in Taipei. According to his instructor, the student demonstrated “excellent pronunciation and mastery of a wide range of vocabulary and grammar,” relating to arrival and departure, discussing time and dates, navigating a city, opening a bank account, recognizing Taiwanese money, shopping, asking questions, using polite speech, and beyond.

His tutor wasn’t the only one singing praises. When asked his opinion of the Capstone experience, the student responded:

“I found the online content a fantastic resource […] I am sure that if the work is put in the results will come. I found the online tutor exceptionally good and prepared to try new ways to enhance the learning experience. The strengths of this programme are:

– Ability to learn in your own time and when you have time

– Richness of content and breadth of learning exercises

– Quality of tutor – in my case exceptional and willing to go the extra mile

– Support was fast and willing to help.”

We understand the importance of language skills in the corporate world. If you’re ready to equip your employees with those skills, fill in this quick form to learn more and get started.

If you’re interested in online language classes for personal use, you’re looking for this!

*Details have been altered slightly for anonymity, but this story is representative of an actual Capstone student.

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