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Custom Spanish Lessons: Viva La Tomatina! Posted by on Aug 17, 2015 in For Learners, Learning Material Updates

Each year on the last Wednesday of August, the streets of Buñol, Spain run red. Fear not, it’s only tomatoes, thrown around as part of a massive tomato fight known as La Tomatina.

True story. This is the kind of stuff that brings the Spanish language and culture to life; the stuff both students and teachers wish they could find in their textbooks. And we’re bring it to you in two interactive Spanish lessons powered by Transparent Language Online.

Beginners can get a taste of La Tomatina in the Beginner Spanish-English Version, focused on building basic Spanish vocabulary relating to the celebration. More seasoned Spanish learners can dodge flying fruits in the Intermediate Spanish Immersion Version, featuring native audio and more advanced learning activities that focus on using the language in context.

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Learn about La Tomatina entirely in Spanish in the Intermediate lesson!


Use Spanish in context in the Intermediate lesson!


Get an introduction to La Tomatina in the Beginner lesson!


Focus on learning new vocabulary in the Beginner lesson!


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