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Learn More Than 100 Languages in Transparent Language Online Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in For Businesses, For Learners, For Libraries, Learning Material Updates

100 languages

You can never know enough languages. That’s why we add a few new languages to Transparent Language Online each year. Over time, our language scientists have experimented with several dozen languages that we never released to our individual consumers (though you may have seen these languages before if you were ever registered through a subscribing library, school, or corporate organization).

Today, we’re opening up our not-so-evil language laboratory! 30 new languages are now available in Transparent Language Online, including:

Afrikaans Esperanto Maori
Arabic (Levantine) French (Canadian) Mirandese
Balinese Hausa Nogai
Baluchi Hawaiian Oji-Cree
Bengali Icelandic Ojibwe
Breton Kalmyk Quechua
Buriat Koasati Scottish Gaelic
Cree Koyukon Tajiki
Dakota Latin Welsh
Denesuline Malagasy Yoruba
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