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American Football Crash Course for Football “Un-Fans” Posted by on Jan 27, 2016 in Language Learning

Here at Transparent Language, we’re all about learning new languages, new cultures, and (considering we live in New England) new sports! With the Super Bowl fast approaching, maybe it’s time for you to brush up on your football (or should we say American football) knowledge.

Even if you’re not a sports fan, you’re probably going to tune in to the Super Bowl this year. After all, the 2015 Super Bowl was the most watched TV event in history with almost 115 million viewers.

Don’t be one of the masses who only pays attention during commercials and the halftime show. Our Super Bowl Crash Course powered by Transparent Language Online will teach you game basics, so you’ll be cheering for third down conversions before you know it.

superbowl lesson 1 superbowl lesson 2 superbowl lesson 3 superbowl lesson 4

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  1. Josh Dougherty:

    I grew up in the US and have always been clueless when it comes to football. This was quite helpful!

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