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There are four parts to the language puzzle: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. All of the courses and vocabulary lists in Transparent Language Online include a mix of activities to build all four skills. But what if you’ve mastered writing (or typing) a set of words and phrases, but you want to practice saying them?

Practice Activities in Transparent Language Online now allow you to select a specific skill-building activity and a specific vocabulary list which you can then practice in isolation—no need to step through an entire course. You get to practice exactly what you want. Below is a preview of the available Practice Activities. Note that many of these activities combine skills, because no skill can be mastered in isolation.

For those who want need more time to read and internalize a language, look for the blue Reading activities.

  • Preview It: See the target language text and translation, listen to audio, and get grammar tips from hints and comments.language learning app
  • Recognize & Say It: See the target language text and listen to the audio. Say or think the translation to yourself, flip it over, and see if you’re right.
  • Recognize & Write It: See the target language text, listen to the audio, and type the translation. Our accent scrolling system are there to assist you when typing languages with special characters.language learning app typing activities
  • Matching: Translation on the left, target language on the right—you put them together.
  • Four Square: Four tiles will flip, each showing a different word or phrase in the target language. Pay close attention, when the translation reads at the top, you have to pick the right one.
  • Sentence Unscramble: Arrange a target language phrase or sentence back into order.language learning game

If you’re looking to practice your writing, make your way to:

  • Produce & Write It: See the translation and type the target language. Toggle between our EasyTyping feature and a virtual keyboard, depending on how comfortable you are typing in the target language.language learning app
  • Dictation: Hear the target language audio and type it. EasyTyping and the virtual keyboard are there to assist.

Rest your fingers and practice your listening skills in:

  • Audio Multiple Choice: Hear the target language and select the right translation from four choices.Practice_ListeningMC
  • Listening Recognition: It’s like Four Square, but with audio. Hear four spoken options in the target language and choose the one that matches the translation above.

If you’re done listening and ready to start speaking up, turn on your mic for:

  • Produce & Say It: See the translation and say the target language equivalent to yourself out loud.
  • Pronunciation Practice: Hear the target language audio and record yourself saying it. The feedback will show you areas you need to work on.language learning app speaking activities
  • Multiple Choice: See the translation and select from four target language choices—but don’t just click it, say it out loud! The voice analysis software will know if you got it right.language learning app speaking activities
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    Where do I find the Hebrew words in the Hebrew aleph bet

    • Transparent Language:

      @Judy Riggs Hi Judy! Are you looking for the Hebrew alphabet course in Transparent Language Online? If you navigate to the Browse tab above your Learning Path, it will be there!

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