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Teach Language Asynchronously (Free eBook) Posted by on Jul 6, 2016 in For Educators

Language teachers, add the free Teach Language Asynchronously eBook to your reading list!

asynchronous language classroom

We live in a digital world that allows our students to access information 24/7. Today’s young learners are digital natives, accustomed to and excited by researching, discovering, and learning online.

Why not use all of this to your advantage by teaching your students asynchronously?

Asynchronous learning is a student-centered teaching approach that employs a wide variety of web, mobile, and cloud-based tools outside of regular school hours. This method removes the constraints of time and place, enabling students to learn where, when, and also how they want.

The tools at your disposal are many: social media, mobile applications, collaborative communication, learning objects, blogs, and beyond. But knowing how to use them and tie everything together into one neat online learning environment is crucial to student and teacher success.

asynchronous language classroom

In this eBook, we’ll share:

– the benefits and challenges of asynchronous teaching
– best practices for setting up a Learning Management System (LMS)
– some of our favorite online learning tools
– and more!


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  1. Aluisio:

    Onde foram buscar esse bizarro termo — assíncrona?! O que não acontece ao mesmo tempo, forma assíncrona de aprender uma língua… Deve ser mais um desses métodos revolucionários propagandeados na internet… Deve ser tão complicado quanto o pensamento do Valdir Maranhão!

    • Transparent Language:

      @Aluisio “Asynchronous” just means not happening at the same time. It’s a great word to describe this teaching style, since students learn when and where they want.

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