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Music and Song Enhances the Language Learning Experience Posted by on Jan 28, 2020

Music is something everyone can relate to, but it can be hard to find songs you love in a new language. To this end, Transparent Language has created a Spotify account, on which we’ll share music lists in languages as diverse as Swedish, Arabic, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, and more.   Will these playlists be useful even if you don’t speak the language? …

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Transparent Language Online Wins Fifth Consecutive Platinum Award Posted by on Jan 14, 2020

2019 Moern Library Award Transparent Language

Good things come in fives: fingers, food groups, the Great Lakes, and LibraryWorks’ Modern Library Awards. We’re thrilled to receive our fifth consecutive Platinum Award in 2020 for Transparent Language Online. The Modern Library Awards (MLAs) are like the People’s Choice Awards, but better because the voters are librarians. The MLAs were established to recognize…

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