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If you want to improve a specific skill, you shouldn’t have to sit through an entire language course to practice the parts you need most. Make custom listening, speaking, reading, or writing lessons in seconds with the Practice activities in Transparent Language Online.

It’s as easy as this:

  1. Pick a learning activity. There are 28 activities, each focusing on a different skill: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  2. Pick the content you want to learn with. Choose vocabulary from any lesson in Transparent Language Online, including your own Learned Vocab.
  3. Start practicing that skill with the vocabulary from that lesson(s)!

Practice activities are particularly helpful if you have a certain skill that you need to strengthen. No need to jump around a lesson searching for the speaking activities—you can make your own custom speaking-only lessons with a few clicks.

As with all learning activity, time spent in Practice is tracked, reported, and counts towards your learning goals!

Want an added challenge? Regular Practice activities will give you feedback in real time, but you can also select the Test version of many of the activities. Just like a test in class, you complete the activity with no interruptions and receive a score at the end. This is a good way to benchmark your progress over time.

Ready to start improve your listening, speaking, reading, or writing skills? Log in now, sign up for the 14-day free trial of Transparent Language Online, or get it free at a library near you.

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