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Learning Grammar with Transparent Language Online Posted by on Dec 7, 2020 in For Learners, Learning + Usage Tips

Whether you love or hate learning grammar, you’re going to need it when communicating in a language beyond very basic levels. Transparent Language Online incorporates grammar two different ways, so there’s something helpful for every learner.

For those who dread the thought, grammar concepts are seamlessly integrated into vocabulary courses for implicit practice. For grammar go-getters, concepts can be explored explicitly through an in-depth Grammar Reference with written and video explanations.

Grammar in Context

Throughout our online language courses, you’ll encounter grammar both explicitly and implicitly.

When a new grammar rule is being introduced within the lesson vocabulary, we often include a comment off to the side to explain the rule. In the example below, which shows a negated French sentence, the comment explains the basic negation rule ne + verb + pas.

transparent language online grammar comments

Sometimes the annotations are a bit more subtle, like the hint below this term which indicates it is “spoken by a female”. The implication here is that the adjective pressée has an extra -e because it agrees with the subject, who is female.

You will encounter both of these concepts (negation and noun-adjective agreement) again and again throughout this course, so you can see the patterns in action in different contexts and internalize the rules over time.

Grammar Reference

If you’re looking for more in-depth, explicit grammar instruction, the Grammar Reference can be accessed at any time via any course or via the Browse menu.

transparent language online grammar reference

The Grammar Reference includes a glossary covering dozens of common grammar concepts, including verb conjugations, adjective agreement, case, pronouns, and more. Each entry includes a description, examples in the target language, and links to other related glossary entries.

transparent language online grammar glossary

And for those who prefer something more visual, the Grammar Tips section includes short videos that explain some of the most common grammar concepts with audio and visual aids.

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