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Placement Tests in Transparent Language Online Posted by on Apr 6, 2021 in For Learners, For Libraries, Learning + Usage Tips, Learning Feature Updates

🧐 Not sure where to begin in Transparent Language Online? Take a placement test!

Informal placement tests are available in 8 languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

The tests contain four parts:

  • a fill-in-the blank grammar section
  • an identify-the-mistake grammar section
  • a fill-in-the-blank vocabulary section
  • and a reading comprehension section

At the end of the test, you’ll immediately receive a percentage score and a level rating (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). You can also view or download a score breakdown to see how you performed on each individual question.

Based on your results, Transparent Language Online makes level-appropriate content recommendations, which you can add to your custom Learning Path and start learning right away!

You can retake the test any time to benchmark progress and get new content recommendations.

Have you taken one of our placement tests? Let us know how you scored in the comments. 👇

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About the Author: meaghan

Meaghan is the Marketing Communications Manager at Transparent Language. She speaks enough French and Spanish to survive, and remembers enough Hausa to say "Hello my name is Meaghan, I'm studying Hausa." (But sadly that's it).


  1. Kathleen:

    I just took the proficiency test and scored at proficient level. Can you tell me more about what this level means? Also, and more importantly, I seem to have lost the ability to go back to my ‘results and recommendations’ section. I remember it recommended a 14 hour video course but am not sure where to find it on TransparentOnline. Can you help? Thanks.


    • meaghan:

      @Kathleen Hi Kathleen! I flagged this to our Support team today and they said they’ve already been in touch. If you run into any other issues, you can always reach them at 🙂

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