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Stop teaching vocab—let tech do it for you! Posted by on Jul 14, 2021 in For Educators

Every second counts in the language classroom. ⏳

Because who wouldn’t love to do less “repeat after me”?

Language teachers must juggle engaging and authentic classroom activities that promote speaking, writing, reading, listening, grammar, and beyond—all through a new cultural lens for students. 🤹‍♀️

Don’t waste another minute reading aloud endless lists of new vocabulary, asking your students to fill it in along the way while parroting the words back to you. We hope that these new words start to ‘sink in’ (but we know they don’t.)

Less time memorizing words in the classroom = more time for fun + authentic classroom work. 🎉

Flip your language classroom and let tech teach vocab for you. 🔄  💻

Tech makes it easy to provide interactive vocab lessons to your students at home. They can listen, type, and practice pronouncing the words and phrases at their own pace before class.

Algorithms behind the scenes even automatically differentiate each student’s experience. 😲 Reporting allows you to keep track of your student’s progress and see if the assigned work is completed.

Bonus: no more trips to the photocopier. Students will always have access to their vocabulary with audio, practicing their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills along the way.

Then comes the really fun part: targeted use of that vocab with real-world tasks in the classroom.

Goodbye, vocab list of weather terminology. Hello, weather reporter role-play. 🌦

Join our veteran Portuguese teacher Fabiana Hayden on Wednesday July 21st at 10:30 am EST to learn how to flip your language classroom using a vocab-first approach.

Keep learning a language with us!

Build vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and more with Transparent Language Online. Available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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About the Author: Bridgette

Just your average Irish-American Italo-Francophone. Client Engagement for Transparent Language.


  1. Diane Toombs:

    I really want to learn languages again!
    Spanish first then French
    You advertise ‘Try it Free’ but then there’s a cost isn’t there? Please explain the process to me
    Also if I learn at a Library is it completely free?
    Thank you for your response
    Warm Regards

    • Bridgette:

      @Diane Toombs Hi Diane, thank you for your message! Our trial is free for two weeks and includes all 110+ languages. You can sign up here.

      If your local library has Transparent Language, then it will be free of cost to you! To check to see if your library subscribes, you can search here, or go in and talk to your local librarian! 🙂

  2. Zoey:

    This is a great idea. Here is a suggestion, why don’t you make it more interactive through games? In my kids’ school, they host online tournaments of word games which are really exciting for everyone. Students apply the words that they have learned through solving word puzzles and, teachers have complete control over the tournaments. They hosted it over Lexulous. You people can give it a try as well.

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