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New: Beginner English Course for Ukrainian Speakers Posted by on Jun 27, 2022 in For Learners, For Libraries, Learning Material Updates

This spring, requests started pouring in from libraries in need of a particular language pairing. Less than two months later, the course is ready:

The Beginner English for Ukrainian Speakers Course is available now in Transparent Language Online.

Created specifically with Ukrainian refugees in mind, the course includes 100+ hours of lessons that can be mixed and matched to build the basic English knowledge and skills they need most.

Beginner English for Ukrainian speakers online course

About the Course

We designed the Beginner English Course for Ukrainian Speakers to be easy to use—for both independent learners and ESL teachers/librarians.

The course includes 135 vocabulary-focused lessons that introduce the real-world language Ukrainian refugees will need to navigate daily life in English. Topics range from basics like colors and days of the week to more situational vocabulary like visiting a doctor or going grocery shopping.

ESL for Ukrainian refugees online course

The course structure is loose. Learners can jump around the 135 lessons as needed. The lead Project Manager Nancy Lavin highlights why the flexible course structure makes it particularly useful for Ukrainian refugees:

“Our team really tries to put themselves in our learners’ shoes. We know that these refugees don’t have the luxury of working through a structured course at a leisurely pace. Instead, they need to be able to quickly focus on the vocabulary that fits their needs, so these lessons can be done in any order. We think of the parent who wants to be able to understand their child’s school schedule, and wants to be able to ask a teacher “How is my child doing?” From banking to public transportation to renting an apartment, the vocabulary is organized and easily accessible. Along the way, helpful comments add cultural context to that vocabulary.”

Why focus on vocabulary? Studies show that building a sufficiently large vocabulary is the single most important factor contributing to language proficiency. As our Content Development Manager Michael Basmaji explains it:

“Sometimes all you need to accomplish a task is one or two key words, like ‘bathroom’ or ‘doctor’. Learning 1,000+ key words and phrases in this course will help them complete really practical tasks while also building a foundation upon which they can eventually practice grammar, improve their speaking and listening skills, and beyond.”

The English vocabulary is paired with Ukrainian for immediate recognition. Learners will then work their way through a series of fun activities that let them use all four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and typing) to reinforce the vocabulary.

All unit and lesson names are also provided in both English and Ukrainian so everyone can navigate the course easily, whether that’s the learners or an ESL teacher or librarian who may be guiding them through the course.

beginner english for ukrainians online course

Community Impact

Libraries and schools are regularly called upon to welcome newcomers to their communities—and learning English is critical to helping them settle, as Sefton Library Service in the UK explained:

“With lots of Ukrainians arriving as refugees, the ability to learn English in Ukrainian is absolutely key to the support we can offer them. We’re delighted to be able to offer this resource to the Ukrainians who have been rehomed with us.”

Beginner English for Ukrainian Speakers is available now in Transparent Language Online. Access these courses free through your local library or a two-week trial.

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  1. David:

    I have a friend in Ukraine, she speaks very little English. her daughter speaks none. I would like to purchase a course for them to learn English. Can I get them something like a gift certificate for your Ukraine to English classes?

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