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New: Beginner ASL Course Expanded Posted by on May 22, 2023 in For Learners, For Libraries, Learning Material Updates

8 new units. 242 new signs. 33 more hours of American Sign Language instruction.

The first 8 units of our ASL course were released last September. In only 4 months, American Sign Language had already entered the top 10 most learned languages in Transparent Language Online in 2022! So, we teamed up with Signing Savvy to double the course to 16 units.

That first half focused on teaching the most common signs. This second half helps you sign complete thoughts.

Putting Signs Together

You’ll still learn hundreds of new signs. But the second half of the course focuses on ASL syntax. 300+ example sentences show you how to combine signs to communicate more complex ideas.

For example, you learned signs for numbers and foods in units 4 and 8 respectively. Now in unit 10 you’ll learn to put those signs together to discuss how much food costs.

Unit 10 introduces a few new signs related to money: dollars, cents, cost, buy, etc. Then the “Signs in Context” lessons help you put it all together as seen below.

ASL how to sign full sentences

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to participate in ASL conversations about common topics: sports, holidays, weather, shopping, and more.

All 16 units of the American Sign Language Course are available now in Transparent Language Online*.

  • Want to learn ASL? Sign up for the free trial or access the course for course free through your local library.
  • Want to provide ASL to your library community? Watch a replay of our event with Signing Savvy to learn more about the course and the ASL community!

*Currently available only for individual learners and subscribing libraries located in North America.

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