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Third Declension Accusative and Genitive Posted by on Jul 28, 2010

Let’s do some translation practice and learn about the third declension accusative and genitive endings. The answers will be provided below : 1) Canis servat rēgem 2) Mīlitēs et cūstōdēs hostem vident (mīles = soldier. Hostis = enemy) 3) Gladiātōrēs leōnēs pugant (leō = lion) 4) Uxor vigilis ad fōntem ambulat (uxor = wife. Vigil = watchman,…

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The Year of the Four Emperors Posted by on Jul 25, 2010

The year of the four emperors is a time in ancient Roman history in which Rome had four emperors in the span of one year. After Nero committed suicide, Servius Sulpicius Galba (photo below) was announced as the new emperor. Ironically, before Nero committed suicide, Galba was declared an enemy of the state. How soon…

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The Aeneid Posted by on Jul 22, 2010

The Aeneid was part of the standard curriculum for ancient Roman patrician boys during the later part of Augustus’s reign. It’s comforting to know that some Latin students are still studying the Aeneid. While this video won’t be the contender for the Golden Globes, the actors stick to the script and yet there are funny…

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Different Types of Gladiators Posted by on Jul 19, 2010

The Murmillo was a type of gladiator who wore a distinctive helmet in the shape of a fish. The murmillo usually wore a subligāculum (loincloth), cintus (belt), scūtum (shield), and a gladius (sword)   The Scissor was a gladiator with a semi-circular blade that covered his arm. The blades were jagged, sharp and made from steel.…

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More on the Third Declension Nominative Posted by on Jul 16, 2010

Continuing from the last lesson, there are also third declension nouns neuter nouns that end in –t : Caput movet = the head moves (caput = head.) There are also neuter nouns that end in –c : Lac appōnit = the milk was set before (the table). (lac = milk. Appōnere = to set before…

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