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Latin Roots for Better Vocabulary Posted by on Aug 27, 2021 in Grammar, Latin Language

One benefit of studying Latin roots is that it will increase your vocabulary. You will be able to parse together a word’s meaning through Latin. This is extremely useful for exams that assess your vocabulary.

Benefits of Latin Roots

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Learning roots younger and younger will allow students and individuals to understand more complex words easier. Most roots have 100 words (if not more) utilizing it.

  • A root word is a basic word with no prefix or suffix added to it.
  • A suffix is a group of letters that is added at the end of a base word.
  • A prefix is a group of letters that comes at the stating of a root word.

Below are some of the most popular roots, suffixes, and prefixes. This is by NO means all of them. If you are interested in a longer list, I would recommend a post I did seven years ago.

Latin Roots

Latin root Basic meaning Example words
-dict- to say contradict, dictate, diction, edict, predict
-duc- to lead, bring, take deduce, produce, reduce
-gress- to walk digress, progress, transgress
-ject- to throw eject, inject, interject, project, reject, subject
-pel- to drive compel, dispel, impel, repel
-pend- to hang append, depend, impend, pendant, pendulum
-port- to carry comport, deport, export, import, report, support
-scrib-, -script- to write describe, description, prescribe, prescription, subscribe, subscription, transcribe, transcription
-tract- to pull, drag, draw attract, contract, detract, extract, protract, retract, traction
-vert- to turn convert, divert, invert, revert

Latin Suffixes

Latin suffix Basic meaning Example words
-able, -ible forms adjectives and means ?capable or worthy of? likable, flexible
-ation forms nouns from verbs creation, civilization, automation, speculation, information
-fy, -ify forms verbs and means ?to make or cause to become? purify, acidify, humidify
-ment forms nouns from verbs entertainment, amazement, statement, banishment
-ty, -ity forms nouns from adjectives subtlety, certainty, cruelty, frailty, loyalty, royalty; eccentricity, electricity, peculiarity, similarity, technicality

Latin Prefixes

Latin prefix Basic meaning Example words
co- together coauthor, coedit, coheir
de- away, off; generally indicates reversal or removal in English deactivate, debone, defrost, decompress, deplane
dis- not, not any disbelief, discomfort, discredit, disrepair, disrespect
inter- between, among international, interfaith, intertwine, intercellular, interject
non- not nonessential, nonmetallic, nonresident, nonviolence, nonskid, nonstop
post- after postdate, postwar, postnasal, postnatal
pre- before preconceive, preexist, premeditate, predispose, prepossess, prepay
re- again; back, backward rearrange, rebuild, recall, remake, rerun, rewrite
sub- under submarine, subsoil, subway, subhuman, substandard
trans- across, beyond, through transatlantic, transpolar
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