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Monty Python’s Latin Posted by on Dec 27, 2021

Tis the season! Every year as the holiday season draws nearer and our social media feed fill with traditions and lore from antiquity – I am sure that you all see Winter Solstice or Saturnalia meme or posts pop up. Over the years, I have done posts on these topics. I have also done Christmasy…

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League of Legends, Arcane and Latin Posted by on Nov 29, 2021

As the series Arcane: League of Legends sweeps the views of Netflix, I cannot help but jump on board. As a previous casual player and fan of the show, I needed to do a post about Latin in this world. League of Legends So, what is League of Legends? League of Legends is a competitive…

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Latin Roots for Better Vocabulary Posted by on Aug 27, 2021

One benefit of studying Latin roots is that it will increase your vocabulary. You will be able to parse together a word’s meaning through Latin. This is extremely useful for exams that assess your vocabulary. Benefits of Latin Roots Learning roots younger and younger will allow students and individuals to understand more complex words easier…

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Vulgate: The Latin Bible Posted by on Jul 29, 2021

Today, we will be discussing and translating portions of the Vulgate, the Latin Bible. While, I have a proclivity towards Classical Latin (c. 75 BCE to 3rd century CE) – I thought exploring Late Latin (c. 4th century CE to 6th century CE) and Medieval Latin (5th century to 15th century CE) would be appreciated…

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Famous Latin Quotes Posted by on Jun 17, 2021

Today, we are going to talk about famous Latin quotes. The allure of Latin is apparent in its portrayal in media. For most, it is a distance magical language. However, most people don’t realize that Latin permeates our language today. Famous Latin Quotes Many famous quotes that most people have heard have Latin roots are…

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Classical Latin Alphabet: 5 Things You Didn’t Know Posted by on Apr 28, 2021

Today, we will be learning about the Classical Latin alphabet. It should be noted that there are older versions of the Latin alphabet, but today’s focus is on the classical version. Here are some facts you may have not known about the Classical Latin alphabet. #1. Only 23 Letters in Classical Latin Alphabet The earliest…

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