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[Livros Bilíngues]

Ei pessoal! Hey, guys!

Reading texts in a língua estrangeira (foreign language) is a great exercise to reach fluency. Therefore, literature has a significant role in this sense, because it ajuda (helps) in the process of acquiring vocabulary and it develops habilidades de leitura (reading skills). For some, reading livros (books) in a different language might seem intimidating, but maybe bilingual editions by Autêntica publisher can give you a hand.

Today’s post will provide you with some suggestions of English language classics whose bilingual editions in English-Portuguese are available in the market. This way, reading gets muito mais fácil (a lot easier), since it is possible to compare the texts in both languages. Espero que gostem! (I hope you enjoy it!)

Os Mortos (The Dead) – James Joyce


Even though he is conhecido (known) as a dense and hard-to-understand author for workd like Ulysses, The Dead (Os Mortos), by Irish author James Joyce is also considered a masterpiece, in addition to being a much simpler and pleasant reading. The dead tells the tale of a noite (the evening) of professor Gabriel Conroy at a festa de Natal (Christmas party) at his aunts’ house. Upon his return, the protagonist discovers a secret on his wife’s past. The story culminates at Conroy’s reaction to this descoberta (discovery). The tale is part of the Dubliners collection, set in Dublin no começo (in the beginning) of the 20th century, and it describes a cidade (the city) with a perspective of nostalgia and affection.

The Sun and the Fish (O Sol e o Peixe) – Virginia Woolf


The author Virginia Woolf occupies a central position in modernist literature, a between-wars literary period marked by experimentation and rupture with traditional writing. This selection of três (three) essays by English author Virginia Woolf explores diverse contents and is divided into three themes – A vida e a arte (Life and Art), a Rua e a casa (The street and the house), o Olho e a mente (The eye Eye and the mind). Her work delves into themes like father-daughter relationship, art, cinema, reading, sickness, memory, London and french thinker Montaigne. In a more personal tone, this compilation of poetic narratives brings reflections filled with lyricism and delicacy.

Bartleby, the scrivener (Bartleby, o Escrevente) – Herman Melville

bartleThis short story by the author of the unforgettable Moby Dick, Herman Melville, narrates the story of a advogado (lawyer) in 19th century Wall Street, who is in search of a new scrivener for his firm. He hires Bartleby, whose main task is to make copies of documents. The employee denies to follow orders, and his chefe (boss) becomes astonished and frustrated at his employees’ unusual behavior. Bartleby’s attitudes end up affecting todos (everyone) around him, including his own boss. This fascinating tragicoming short story leads the reader through the bureaucratic life of a New York escritório (office), where the resistance to trabalhar (work) performed by the main character has intrigued audiences and literary reception since its release.

All of these livros (books) can be found at livrarias (bookstores) and online stores all over the country.

Uma boa semana a todos! (A good week to all!)

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  1. Michelle-Gabriella:

    Muito obrigado for posting this! I’ve been looking for bilingual books in portuguese for awhile now and haven’t had any sorte! Do you have any suggestions on any filmes em português?