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Top 12 blog posts in Portuguese Posted by on Jan 17, 2013 in Learning

Olá, pessoal!

Today I would like to invite you to check out our top 12 blog posts in the last two years. This is a recap of all the great stuff we have been writing here on the blog and also for the new readers to see what we have done too!

Before giving you the top 12 blog posts let me ask you a favor: if you like our posts (and I’m pretty darn sure you love’em!), share them with your social network(s) using the buttons below. That really helps to spread the word! Obrigado!

01. How hard is Portuguese to learn?

02. How to say “hello” in Portuguese

03. The many usages of “parabéns”

04. Lyrics translation: The Girls from Ipanema

05. Saudade

06. Portuguese Numbers 1-100

07. How to sing Happy Birthday in Portuguese

08. Why do Brazilians speak Portuguese?

09. O Globo Online: Popular Brazilian Newspaper

10. I Love You in Portuguese

11. Top Ten Brazil Travel Trips

12. Watch Your Favorite TV Shows in Portuguese

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