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Shocking News: Dutch Journalist Peter R de Vries Shot Posted by on Jul 15, 2021 in News

Just a week ago, the most famous Dutch misdaadverslaggever (crime journalist), Peter R de Vries, was shot in broad daylight in Amsterdam. Who is he, what happened, and what do the Dutch say?

Hij wil alles helemaal uitzoeken

Peter Rudolph de Vries is a Dutch misdaadverslaggever who stands out for wanting to get to the depth of every crime he investigated. Many difficult cases, even old ones, were solved with his vasthoudend journalisme (tenacious journalism). His television program – named after himself – hit kijkrecords (viewing records) during its run from 1995 to 2012. The program won an Emmy Award in 2008 for the episode around the verdwijning (disappearance) of American senior Natalee Holloway and the Dutch verdachte (suspect) Joran van der Sloot. This case and the involvement of the journalist gave him international recognition, which we even wrote a post about at the time.

He did not shy away from investigating even the most geruchtmakende (high-profile) and beruchte (infamous) misdadigers (criminals). Even with death threats, and knowing that he was playing with fire, he said about it: het hoort bij het vak (it is part of the job). He wrote many books about cases, too, including about the Holleeder family. He also helped the family to solve the death of the 9-year old Nicky Verstappen.

What happened to De Vries?

De Vries was a guest on a live show last week at television show RTL Boulevard. After he left the building, he walked down a street in the middle of Amsterdam, in broad daylight, when suddenly he was neergeschoten (shot). With multiple shot wounds, he was quickly admitted to a ziekenhuis (hospital) and is currently in critical condition.

Because this horrible deed was committed in the middle of the city, just around the corner of Leidseplein, a popular night life location, there were plenty of veiligheidscamera’s (security cameras) that caught the verdachten (suspects) on tape. Two men have been arrested: Kamil E. and Delano G. There are vermoedens (suspicions) that drugscrimineel (drugs criminal) Ridouan Taghi is behind the aanval (attack). There is a massive rechtszaak (legal case) against Taghi because of previous unsolved murders and drug crimes.

Why De Vries? The rechtszaak against Taghi has a kroongetuige (key witness): Nabil B. He was part of Taghi’s group, and got cold feet after one of the group’s murders went wrong. He went to the police himself, and testified against Taghi for protection. His brother and his advocaat (attorney) were murdered, probably as retaliation by Taghi. Peter R. De Vries is an adviseur (adviser) of Nabil B., so it could be connected to this.

How do people react to the shooting?

Amsterdam’s burgemeester (mayor) Femke Halsema said the following about him: “Peter R de Vries is voor ons allemaal een nationale held. Een zeldzaam moedige journalist. Er is een brute, laffe misdaad gepleegd.” (Peter R de Vries is a national hero for all of us. A rare, courageous journalist. A brutal, cowardly crime has been committed.)

Premier (PM) Rutte also said some words: “We bidden dat hij deze aanslag overleeft. Dat is nu het belangrijkste.” (We pray that he survives this attack. That is the most important thing right now.)

And that’s true. His two children put out a message as well, talking about the important work De Vries has done and that this incident will not end it. Let’s hope that he’ll make it.

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