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Intermediate Level English in Transparent Language Online Posted by on Apr 10, 2013 in For Educators, For Learners, For Libraries, Learning Material Updates

Of the 100+ languages we offer in Transparent Language Online, English and ESL is by far the most requested.

That’s why we’ve created an Intermediate Conversations in English course that complements the beginner English courses we already had. The immersion style Intermediate English course was designed for learners with elementary to limited working proficiency who want to work on their conversational skills, cultural awareness, vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation, regardless of their native language.intermediate level english course

Each of the 10 units in the course contains 4 lessons, organized around useful real-life topics like renting or buying a home, getting a job, navigating the work environment, knowing the names of household items, building relationships, handling money, etc.

Each lesson is built on a conversation (provided with native speaker audio). Learners will listen to the conversation before diving deeper, mastering the more difficult vocabulary items via brief definitions and example sentences, recording their own pronunciation of the new words and phrases, and practicing typing and spelling. Lessons have a relevant grammar and cultural awareness section as well, to help students successfully navigate similar situations.

Our Content team lead looks back on the course development thinking that “we call this ‘Intermediate English’, but it’s really an Intermediate through Advanced course.  It covers everyday communication, business English, as well as a little bit of material on planning travel.  When we started developing the course, we drew on our own experiences relocating to a different country.  What were the day to day things we needed to know?  We usually had a story that acts as the central thread”.

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