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It’s that time of year, bracketeers! The NCAA March Madness tournament is underway, and basketball fans and band-wagoners alike are scrambling to their computers to prepare their brackets. Some employ complex strategies based on seeds and statistics, while others may simply pick whichever mascot they prefer. But we here at Transparent Language have a more pressing question than which team will take home the trophy. Which language will take home the trophy? That’s right, we’re hosting our very own 2014 Multilingual Madness Bracket to find out which language you want to learn the most!

We’ve picked our top 16 languages, but it’s up to you to choose the winner. Starting Monday March 24th, we’ll post one language match-up per day at 8:00am EST. Head to our Facebook or Twitter to view the post and answer the all-important question: Which language would you rather learn? Cast your vote by commenting or replying, and watch as the mightiest languages rise through the ranks!

2014 Multilingual Madness Bracket

2014 Multilingual Madness Bracket

Winning languages move on in the bracket, until we reach the final two in the championship round. But what are they fighting for? We can’t give away a billion dollars à la Warren Buffett,  but we will be giving away a free day of downloads. That’s right, you tell us what language you want to learn the most, and we’ll help you learn it for FREE. The Byki Mobile app will be available for free in the Apple store in the winning language for one day: Wednesday April 9th!

So tune in on Facebook and Twitter every day, starting Monday 3/24, and cast your vote for the language you want to learn most!

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  1. Not Apple User:

    Will there be a free app for Android users, too?

    • meaghan:

      @Not Apple User Hi! Byki Mobile is a free app by itself, inside of which you purchase the content for the specific language(s) you want to learn. The Apple store allows for free in-app purchasing, whereas Android currently does not. So we can designate a specific language as free within the Apple version, but not the Android version. Unfortunately, that’s why we’re not able to offer free Android downloads right now, but hopefully they will add this functionality in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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