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9 Ways to Raise Globally-Minded Children at Home Posted by on Apr 23, 2014 in Archived Posts

Our children will inherit a far more diverse and interconnected world than the one we live in today. Globalization is rapidly deepening international connections, not just in economics and business, but also in technology, politics, fashion, scientific research, security, disaster relief, entertainment, and beyond. Without the proper preparation, our children risk falling behind, failing to find a place in this international network.

Despite the increasing need for cross-cultural competencies, the United States is failing to raise a new generation of global citizens. Only 37% of Americans hold a passport, fewer than 2% of university students elect to study abroad, and 75% of school districts wait to start language instruction until middle or high school.1 Those examples are just the tip of the international iceberg.

These systemic short-comings force many parents to assume responsibility for their children’s international education. But this effort does not have to be a burden, financially or emotionally. You can immerse your children in new cultures, expose them to new languages, and encourage them to interact with diverse peoples right in your own home, and you can have fun doing it.

In this SlideShare, we’ll show you 9 ways to raise globally-minded children without leaving your own community.

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Meaghan is the Marketing Communications Manager at Transparent Language. She speaks enough French and Spanish to survive, and remembers enough Hausa to say "Hello my name is Meaghan, I'm studying Hausa." (But sadly that's it).


  1. Nico:

    Sorry Meaghan, I don’t have any interest in flicking through 61 slides when I could just read everything on a blog post containing a few paragraphs.

    • meaghan:

      @Nico Fair enough, this format isn’t for everyone. You may be surprised at how quickly the slides go by if you give it a chance. Otherwise, we’ll have more materials coming out on this topic in the near future. 🙂

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