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Say Hello to the New Transparent Language Online Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 in For Learners, Learning Feature Updates

What have we been up to over the past year? We’re glad you asked. We’d like to introduce you to the new-and-improved Transparent Language Online!

With a brand new interface, learning features, and faster loading speeds, language-learning has never been so fun, fast, or effective. Let’s explore some of the best to come:

Brand New Look: The new Transparent Language Online looks better than ever! The new design optimizes your screen space, minimizes distractions, and feels more intuitive.


More Personalization: The new Learning Path helps you and your students get started.  It takes your students where you want them to go. Say goodbye to boring text books! We’re giving you the reigns to create the program your students should follow. The Learning Path allows you to present assignments to your students so they follow the path that you set for them.  Assign lessons from our extensive collection or create your own – after all, it’s all about your curriculum, not ours.

Customized Activities: The customization doesn’t stop with the Learning Path! We know that learning a language is about more than acquiring words and phrases; it’s also about building skills. In the new Practice mode, students can choose from a suite of more than a dozen activities that focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Do you have a student struggling with pronunciation? Have them select a few of our speaking activities, choose content from one or more lessons, and listen to them improve!



More Platforms: So we now let you choose what and how you want your students to learn, but what about when and where? The new Transparent Language Online works on any Internet-connected device, including tablets.

Smarter Insight and Review:  We’ve added all of these features to help your students reach specific language goals, but part of getting where they’re going is knowing where they’ve been. In the new Transparent Language Online, your students can track their own progress with a redesigned Learned Words and Phrases chart that shows how far they’ve come. Not only is it motivating, it’s also crucial for language retention. Learned Words and Phrases logs each and every word and phrase they’ve learned, including how easy or difficult it was to learn those items. The system then prompts students to refresh learned material that they haven’t seen in a while. As we all know if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it—but we won’t let that happen to your students!



No More Waiting: You’ve waited long enough for these new features, so we won’t make you wait a single second longer—literally. The latest HTML/JavaScript frameworks make Transparent Language Online ultra-fast. No more waiting for things to load—click and you shall receive!

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    Fantastic news for us the senior citizens, specially because we have the time….. but not
    the money and if it is free….. Aleluya

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