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Give Your Language Learning a Push with Daily Refresher Notifications Posted by on Aug 16, 2017 in For Learners, Learning Feature Updates

We’ve talked a lot lately about how to learn a language faster and more efficiently. The new Daily Refresher push notification applies what we’ve learned to improve your language learning experience.

We’ve discussed how consistency is king. Learning in short bursts every day is more effective than cramming for a few hours every once in a while. Setting meaningful daily reminders will keep you on that consistent path.

We’ve also covered why reviewing is critical. It’s like taking one step backward to move two steps forward. Reviewing often moves words, phrases, grammar rules, and so on from your short-term memory into your long-term memory.

Transparent Language for iPad app

With the new push notifications in our mobile apps, we’re making it easier than ever to commit to consistency and remember to review.

Mobile app for iPhone and Android users

Learners can now opt in to the “Daily Refresher”, a push notification that will show you your most stale vocab item each day. This simple notification serves as a reminder to get in your 15-20 of study time each day while ensuring you never forget what you’re working so hard to learn.

iPad app users will be prompted to opt-in to the Daily Reminder on their Learning Path upon logging in. You can also enable or disable the notifications from the App Settings menu.

iPhone and Android users can toggle notifications on and off in the Settings menu under the new Notifications tab.

The Daily Refresher settings are specific to each language you are learning, so you can choose to receive reminders for only one language, or for multiple.

Give your language learning a push and turn on the Daily Refresher next time you log in! Don’t have an account yet? Check out our mobile apps.

Keep learning a language with us!

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    • Jaffar:

      @Arlene B. Landicho Help me to learn Nahu for free application in english like vocabularies or you dictionary with sentence like what is maf-ulombihi naibol fael mobtada wal khabar etc.

  2. Ren Perry:

    Do you send Blog Posts via email as I do not have Facebookl? Obrigado

    • Transparent Language:

      @Ren Perry Hi Ren! This post is about refresher notifications within our learning apps. But yes, if you’re looking to receive the Language News posts in your email, you can subscribe at the bottom of this page! Look for the green bar that says “Stay Connected!” and provide your email in the form.

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    quiero aprender ingles

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    Can this be used on the computer or even better through emails as I can’t get apps on my phone. Croatian is the language I’m interested in.
    Tks so much

  5. Leonard Webster:

    Oops, from Meaghan above, I noticed “(Try) it here for free” , jf its all not free, please cancel my subscription.
    Thank you.

    • meaghan:

      @Leonard Webster Hi Leonard! The 14-day trial is free, but after that it is a paid subscription. Sorry for any confusion. We searched your email but couldn’t find an account associated with it. If you’d like to cancel, reach out to us at with your name and the email associating with your Transparent Language Online account.

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