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Language Learning: Then and Now Posted by on Aug 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

Language learning didn’t used to be so luxurious.

Itchy Feet: Marked Progress

Once upon a time, before there was a global network of computers talking to each other, there was only one way to learn a language: immersion. Sure, you could study languages in a university classroom or pay an expensive tutor to patiently take you through years of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, but most people didn’t have that kind of access – and even if they did, actually finding other people who spoke that language to practice with them required literally traveling to their country or community and just starting up chats.

Now, immersion may still be one of the best ways to learn a new language. But thanks to our talking computers, we have many more options. You can now easily find other people on the other side of the planet who want to speak your language and connect with them. You’ll instantly be able to practice any tongue your heart desires, all without leaving your comfy comfy seat.

If anything, this ease of communication possibilities has highlighted that actually, the biggest obstacle in our path to successful language learning is ourselves. You have a trillion free or extremely affordable resources available to you RIGHT NOW…more than anyone in history has ever had.

So what’re you waiting for?!

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About the Author: Malachi Rempen

Malachi Rempen is an American filmmaker, author, photographer, and cartoonist. Born in Switzerland, raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he fled Los Angeles after film school and expatted it in France, Morocco, Italy, and now Berlin, Germany, where he lives with his Italian wife and German cat. "Itchy Feet" is his weekly cartoon chronicle of travel, language learning, and life as an expat.


  1. Helen:

    Hello, I use all these free resources like everyone else, (especially Icelandic Online) and face book where I have joined a couple of open groups to get the feel of every day Icelandic. I have also been to Iceland.
    I remember when we tried so hard to get youngsters pen-pals, They never liked writing much but enjoyed the school trips nevertheless. I have considered an Icelandic pen-pal for myself but feel awkward on these sites. Either everyone is too young or I can’t seem to ‘match’ anyone… I don’t suppose you know any decent sites like this? I’m no good on Skype as I’m getting too deaf and keep making people repeat things even in normal circumstances. :/ Cheers anyway. I enjoy your sense of humour very much. 🙂

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