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Learn Nepali with Transparent Language Online Posted by on Sep 6, 2017 in For Learners, Learning Material Updates

We believe in the value of every language, no matter the commercial interest or number of speakers. That’s why we add a few new languages each year.

We recently announced the addition of Hmong, but we can’t wait another minute to launch our second new language of 2017: Nepali and ESL for Nepali speakers!

learn nepali online

Nepali is the de facto lingua franca of Nepal, though their constitution states that all native languages spoken in Nepal are the “national language of Nepal.”  The country of 26 million people is incredibly linguistically diverse; while nearly 45% of the country speaks Nepali as a first language, there were 122 other first languages recorded in the 2011 national census.

That diversity has spread beyond the country’s borders. The Nepali-American population has grown considerably in recent decades, fueled by a civil war and poor economic conditions in the country. Pockets of Nepali-Americans can be found in large metropolitan areas throughout the country, including New York City, Sonoma, Houston, and Boston. To better serve these populations, we’ve added Nepali and ESL for Nepali speakers to Transparent Language Online.

Nepali speakers interested in learning English will have access to a 10-unit Essentials course covering topics like getting around a city, dealing with money, and meeting new people. The course is supplemented by more than 80 topical vocabulary lists, introducing everything from numbers and colors to common verbs and prepositions. While these materials pair English and Nepali, learners also have access to all of our English learning materials, including more advanced immersion-style courses.

English speakers interested in picking up Nepali will enjoy the Essentials course and supplemental vocabulary, along with native speaker audio, pronunciation practice, and typing activities to engage all four key language skills.

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