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Online English Courses for Elementary ESL Learners Posted by on Oct 30, 2017 in For Educators, For Learners, For Libraries, Learning Material Updates

We are thrilled to expand our English language offerings to reach younger learners. ESL students in grades 3-5 will love our Elementary Conversations in English Course.

Elementary Conversations in English is uniquely suited to guide elementary school students along a fun and effective English language learning journey. The course focuses on facilitating natural conversations among students, their families, their teachers, and their friends.

Over three levels, learners will encounter common topics, functional grammar, integrated culture, and everyday dialogues, all along a fun central storyline that connects the students’ lives with their English learning experience. In natural, kid-friendly language, this course covers topics like describing yourself and your life, talking to family, going to school, hanging out with friends, going to the doctor, getting around town, and making new friends.

What’s included:

This course consists of 3 levels, each with 10 units. Each unit contains 2 lessons: one grammar-focused and one conversation- and culture-focused. The course includes 30 original reading passages (conversations, monologues, etc.), 30 sets of relevant, kid-appropriate grammar activities, and 18 cultural topics.

Alphabet: The course begins with an introduction to the English alphabet. Students put the alphabet into action by practicing with example words geared toward kids.

elementary esl alphabet

Conversations: Each conversation shows common exchanges between elementary school students and their families and friends, and the dialogues are read by actual American kids. In the “Getting Ready for School” unit, Henry describes his morning routine, including having breakfast with his family.

elementary esl conversations

Grammar: Grammar concepts—ranging from using conjunctions and pronouns to forming tenses and giving commands—are explained in a friendly, encouraging tone. Instructive activities give learners a chance to truly demonstrate mastery. In the “Getting Ready for School” unit, students learn to identify and give commands, like those Henry receives from his mother during his morning routine.

elementary esl grammar

Culture: Learners also get to practice their vocabulary comprehension and get to know more about life in the United States through culture activities. In “Getting Ready for School”, learners explore typical American breakfasts.

elementary esl culture

Each level of the Elementary Conversations in English course requires approximately 20 hours of independent study. To help teachers or homeschool parents incorporate all elements of the course, we provide a detailed Scope and Sequence document and an Instructor Handbook to aid with lesson planning and suggested in-class activities to get kids actively using their new language skills.

For native Spanish-speaking youngsters learning English, a paired Spanish version–Ingles fundamental para hispanohablantes—is also available. To boost learners’ English vocabulary, this version also includes 1,600 vocab items, divided into 5-6 vocab-focused lessons in each unit.

In the paired version, we also include a Student Workbook with additional original vocabulary and grammar activities to reinforce comprehension, reading, and writing skills, plus an answer key included in the Instructor Handbook.

elementary esl for spanish

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