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Manage Your Learned Vocab in Transparent Language Online Posted by on Apr 18, 2019 in For Learners, Learning + Usage Tips, Learning Feature Updates

You can now add new words and phrases—or edit existing words and phrases—in the Learned Vocab Management dashboard in the CL-150 Platform and Transparent Language Online.

manage learned vocab cl-150

Our platforms provide end-to-end support for language programs: instructors can create lessons, students and individuals can learn and review material, and administrators can track and report on that learning—all from directly within the platform.

But language learning happens everywhere, and learners encounter unknown words daily while reading the news, browsing social media, and beyond. That’s why you can now add to and edit your Learned Vocab! (Not familiar with our Learned Vocab refresh system? Learn more here.)

When you learn new words and phrases while working with external resources, you can add them to your Learned Vocab within seconds, allowing you to organize and maintain everything you’ve learned in one central location. Once added to your Learned Vocab, our spaced repetition algorithm will keep track of these custom words and phrases, periodically reminding you when it’s time to review and keep your vocab fresh.

Watch the video below to see how simple it is to add and edit your Learned Vocab.

New to Transparent Language but ready to start building your Learned Vocab? Learn more about Transparent Language Online (for students and individuals) and the CL-150 Platform (for government personnel).

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  1. Marshal G Shepherd:

    How many languages can be learned at one time and is there a time limit a language should be learned? i.e. Could 1 language be taken for 6 mo and another for 6 months or could 2 lessons both be taken together for 1 yr? Or, if you learn the language in 6 mo do you pay less if you learn it in only 4 months?

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