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Want to learn a language? We’ll be your accountability partner. Posted by on Mar 24, 2020 in For Learners, Learning Feature Updates

If you have a language learning goal but you don’t hold yourself accountable, does the goal even exist?

If you’ve logged into Transparent Language Online this month, you’ve probably noticed there’s a new Goals panel on your dashboard (or in the hamburger menu on mobile). And if you haven’t logged in yet this month… this new feature is definitely for you!transparent language online goals

We know one of the most challenging parts of learning languages has nothing to do with language—it’s about building the habit. Language learning requires regular engagement. It’s the reason why you can’t remember much of the high school Spanish you haven’t used in decades. Unlike riding a bike, you need to use the language often to continue improving. Thanks to the Goals panel, Transparent Language Online is ready to be your accountability partner!

Set a Daily Learning Goal

Set a daily goal in just a few clicks. We recommend choosing a goal that feels reasonable, rather than overwhelming. Start with 15 minutes per day and challenge yourself to get into a solid daily routine, then build on it when you’re ready!edit learning goal

The progress bar in the Goals panel will help you monitor your progress, tracking the number of minutes learned and remaining to reach your goal.

Build Your Learning Streak

Need more motivation to reach your goal?

Every day you meet your goal, you’ll add another day onto your learning streak! Then you can talk to your friends and challenge them to beat your streak, try to beat your previous streak, or take a screenshot and share your streak on social media (don’t forget to tag us on Instagram or Twitter so we can celebrate!)

If you’re at risk of missing a day, we’ll send you an email reminder to keep you on track. And as you rack up days, we’ll celebrate your accomplishment with milestone emails (but we’ll keep those a surprise for now!)

transparent language online learning streak reminders

Ready to set a language learning goal and stick to it this time? Log in now, find it free in a library near you, or sign up for the free 14-day trial.

Keep learning a language with us!

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Meaghan is the Marketing Communications Manager at Transparent Language. She speaks enough French and Spanish to survive, and remembers enough Hausa to say "Hello my name is Meaghan, I'm studying Hausa." (But sadly that's it).


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