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There’s a lesson for that. Posted by on Mar 31, 2020 in For Educators, Lesson Authoring Updates

Or there could be in just a couple hours.

A quick Amazon search for “advanced Spanish lessons” brings up 500+ results. But how many of those advanced Spanish lessons cover terminology relating to the ongoing crisis in Venezuela? Probably none. And what about materials for less common languages? A search for “Advanced Yoruba lessons”: zero results.

However, Yoruba lessons and highly specialized Spanish lessons could be available in just hours. Lessons can be quickly made available at any level, on any topic, in any language (well, 130 languages right now, but we’re happy to add more!)

That’s what our Lesson Authoring tool makes possible. Watch this 2-minute video to see it in action.

Not your average flashcard lesson

Vocabulary is central to the lesson, but don’t mistake these lessons for virtual flashcards.

Lessons are based around a text, such as a news article, book passage, or blog post. Texts can easily be imported from a URL, or you can write your own text directly in the platform.

online language lesson authoring

Lesson authors can choose from 25+ learning activities (and growing) that cover listening, speaking, reading, and typing skills. Many activities can be customized and lend themselves to teaching grammar (such as an interactive conjugation chart in the “Table” activity) or culture (such as historical or geographical facts to set the scene in the “Slide Show” activity).

lesson authoring slide show

Easy to make and assign, even easier to track

There’s so much you can do with these lessons it could be overwhelming! But authoring was designed to be as intuitive as it is powerful. Our in-house Content team creates lessons in as little as 2-3 hours. Lessons can even be cloned and shared among teaching teams to reduce duplication.

Best of all, these lessons don’t live in a vacuum. You can easily assign the lessons you create to as many classes as you’d like! All lesson activity is automatically tracked, so you’ll know which learners have completed each assignment, how long it took them, and more.

class activity report

Lesson Authoring is available to government language instructors in the CL-150 Platform, and to K-12 and higher ed as an add-on in Transparent Language Online for Education. Want to learn more? Contact us for a demo!

Keep learning a language with us!

Build vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and more with Transparent Language Online. Available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Meaghan is the Marketing Communications Manager at Transparent Language. She speaks enough French and Spanish to survive, and remembers enough Hausa to say "Hello my name is Meaghan, I'm studying Hausa." (But sadly that's it).


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