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A New World of Viral Virus Words Posted by on Jul 30, 2020 in Archived Posts

As World War Two gave us words like ‘radar’ and ‘snafu’, the Coronavirus pandemic has also added new words to vocabularies around the world. Here are some new terms to help spice up your daily anxieties:

Caremongering– (Indian English) The act of aggressively advocating for those who need help most during the pandemic.

Coronaspeck– (German) Literally ‘Corona Bacon’. The weight you put on during lockdown.

Geisterspiel– (German) Ghost Game, a sport played without fans present.

Griķi (Latvian)- Panic food, literally ‘buckwheat’, which is used to treat colds and minor ailments.

Hamsteren– (Dutch) Panic buying. Stuffing food in like a hamster.

Magpied– (Australian English) Picked clean, as a store of sanitizer and toilet paper.

Miley Cyrus– (Cockney Rhyming slang) Corona Virus

Öffnungsdiskussionsorgien (German)- Literally ‘orgies of discussion’ that refer to the endless debates on reopening.

Quarantini– (International English) A drink you make with whatever you can find in your house because you can’t go to the store.

The Quaz– (Australian, because of course it is)- The quarantine

On-nomi— (Japanese) The “nomikai” drinking parties moved to online platforms.

The BBC reports  that these new additions to the lexicon are unlikely to stick around, but they certainly allow a little light in the darkness.

As the language you’re learning changes and you pick up more expressions and slang, add them to your Learned Vocab in Transparent Language Online so you can review them periodically and use them long-term!

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