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Spanish isn’t only the second most spoken language in the US after English, it’s also the most taught language in US schools. With Transparent Language Online, Spanish teachers, Spanish students, and even libraries have access to excellent Spanish resources for all levels.

Beginner Spanish Courses

The Essentials Course

30+ hours of Spanish learning organized into 43 engaging lessons that revolve around common situations including getting around a new city, dealing with emergencies, or going out to eat. Best for beginner or low-intermediate learners, Spanish Essentials is available for Latin American Spanish and Castilian dialects, and as a paired language course for English, Turkish, and Brazilian Portuguese speakers.

beginner vocabulary in spanish on transparent language online

General Vocabulary

These paired language vocabulary lessons introduce more than 2,000 words and phrases covering a range of thematic topics from adjectives and verbs to animals and weather terms.

beginner vocab words in transparent language online spanish

Beginner Conversations in Spanish

This 8-unit course is designed specifically to introduce you to the most useful, high-frequency words and phrases and eases you into the grammar patterns of your new language. You will be able to talk about yourself and ask others about themselves, ask for things you need, say where youre from and navigate a new city or country. It contains 40 original conversations and custom grammar activities as well as 600 vocabulary items. It also comes with a handy workbook to download for extra practice!

beginner conversations in spanish on transparent language online

Elementary Vocabulary

Designed as a companion piece for the grade 3-5 classroom, this three-level program focuses on essential communicative phrases for students to use with their families, teachers, and friends. Each level of the course contains around 25 vocabulary lessons, each teaching 10-15 vocabulary words or phrases (around 950 total). Instructors will receive a handbook and scope-and-sequence document with suggestions on how to incorporate all elements of the course for a blended-learning experience. The entire course requires approximately 75 hours of independent study.

elementary vocabulary in spanish on transparent language online

General Language for Professionals Beginner Course

Vocabulary and reading lessons for the adult language learner who is looking to use their new language in a professional setting and be able to discuss relevant current events and domains. The beginner course includes nine units comprised of 27 lessons total that will teach you the Spanish required to go about your daily work routine, set up appointments, hire a babysitter, and more.

Professional Beginner Spanish with Transparent Language Online

Teen Voices: Spanish!

Created for middle school and high school language learners, this three-level course focuses on the everyday lives of Spanish-speaking teens dealing with typical school days, chores and responsibilities, events, etc. Included is a workbook and answer key for additional grammatical, cultural, and lexical practice, along with a guide that outlines how to implement the 20-unit course in a program of instruction. On average, each level represents approximately 1-1.5 years of study, depending on the students or classs schedule.

teen voices vocabulary in transparent language spanish

Intermediate Spanish Courses

Intermediate Video Conversations In Spanish

For intermediate-level Spanish learners, the Spanish Intermediate Video Conversations course brings real-life situation videos with topics like buying something at a hardware store, making a trip reservation, exchanging money and eating at a local restaurant In 18 lessons over 5 units, you’ll practice comprehension with real Spanish dialogue at real speaking speed!

intermediate spanish conversation videos

Advanced Spanish Courses

Major News Lessons

Here you’ll find a lesson series about the latest global happenings of interest to a wide audience, such as the 2019/2020 pandemic. Each real news article is followed by assessments testing your new vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Major News Lessons in Spanish on transparent language online

General Language for Professionals Intermediate Course

Vocabulary and reading lessons for the adult language learner who is looking to use their new language in a professional setting and be able to discuss relevant current events and domains. In six units comprised of 18 lessons, you will learn how to get through a professional work dinner, talk about computer programs, discuss medical history, and more.

Intermediate professional spanish language learning with transparent language online

Business Vocabulary

Intended for intermediate and advanced adult learners, these lessons cover general business topics, such as writing letters and emails, answering the phone, and dealing with customer complaints, as well as domain-specific topics, such as marketing and sales, warehousing and transportation of goods, and stock market and investment terms. You will also learn to address others, using the appropriate level of formality for a business setting, ask and answer questions about business-related topics, and use domain-specific terms.

business language vocabulary in spanish on transparent language online

Medical Vocabulary

Designed to prepare you to discuss emergency topics with medical professionals, these lessons teach you to ask and answer basic medical questions about symptoms, ailments, injuries, medication, and much more. Each dialog-based lesson teaches 15-20 new vocab items and takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.

medical language vocabulary in spanish on transparent language online

Additional Materials

Survival Spanish for Librarians

The 4 dialogue-based lessons prepare librarians for basic library functions in Spanish, including getting a library card, checking out materials, providing computer services, and answering phone calls. Each lesson has about 10 new vocab items (words, phrases, and sentences) and takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.

survival spanish for librarians on transparent language online

Grammar Reference and Tips

Quick tools to help you practice and maintain the rules of Spanish grammar.

grammar tips in spanish on transparent language online

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