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French is the third most-taught language in schools, and the fifth most spoken language in American homes. The US has a strong connection to the French language coming from all directions, be it the Franco-American settlers of New England and Maine to the Cajun and Houma speakers in Louisiana. 1.3 million people speak French in the States, and with Transparent Language Online, you could be one of them!  With Transparent Language Online, French teachers, French students, and even libraries have access to excellent French resources for all levels. 

Beginner French Courses 

French Essentials 

If you have plans to visit a foreign country, complete this course before you go to quickly master a set of 500 commonly used words and phrases. The course covers topics such as eating out, basic banking, directions and transportation across 33 lessons. 

French essentials language learning course with Transparent Language Online

Elementary Vocabulary 

Designed as a companion piece for the grade 3-5 classroom, this three-level program focuses on essential communicative phrases for students to use with their families, teachers, and friends. Each level of the course contains around 25 vocabulary lessons, each teaching 10-15 vocabulary words or phrases (around 950 total). Instructors will receive a handbook and scope-and-sequence document with suggestions on how to incorporate all elements of the course for a blended-learning experience. 

Elementary french vocabulary in transparent language online french course

Conversation Courses

These courses are designed to introduce you to the most useful and frequent words and phrases and eases you into the grammar patterns of your new language, as well as the next words and phrases related to making purchases, describing people and things, and talking about time. It also helps you master essential grammar patterns such as conjugating reflexive verbs, using object pronouns, expressing possession, and giving instructions. You will be able to talk about yourself and ask others about themselves, ask for things you need, say where youre from and navigate a new city or country. Together the courses contain a combined 80 original conversations and custom grammar activities as well as 1200 vocabulary items. 

Reading comprehension in french conversation course for beginners

Teen Voices! French

Created for middle school and high school French learners, this three-level course focuses on the everyday lives of typical teens in France. In the first level, which targets beginners, you will learn more than 700 useful words and phrases, practice the simple present tense for many common regular and irregular verbs, use formal/informal language, and construct basic sentences. After completing this course, you will be able to give basic information about who you are and what you like to do. It contains seven units, each with a realistic conversation, a reading passage, and grammar practice. It represents 1-1.5 years of study.

teen voices french conversation course

Intermediate Resources

General Vocabulary

Designed for beginner and intermediate adult learners, these lessons cover a wide variety of useful words and phrases. Explore topics such as asking for directions, basic banking, eating at a restaurant, and so on. Each lesson contains approximately 15 words and phrases and takes about 30 minutes to complete. 


general french vocabulary for intermediate learners


Intermediate Conversation Course 

This course is designed to help you continue on your language learning journey. It introduces the next most useful and frequent words and phrases related to daily habits, making travel plans, expressing doubt, and making small talk. It also helps you master essential grammar patterns such as forming the past tense, using the subjunctive, and forming the future tense. It contains 40 original conversations and grammar activities as well as 600 vocabulary items. 

intermediate conversation course french

Teen Voices! French

Created for middle school and high school French learners, this three-level course focuses on the everyday lives of typical teens in France. In the second and third levels, which target intermediate learners, you will master more than 1,300 useful words and phrases, grammar concepts such as adjective placement and agreement, conjugating irregular verbs, forming tenses, and using object pronouns to be able to talk about what you like to do, where you like to go, and ask others about themselves. Combined, the two levels contain thirteen units, and each level is equivalent to 1-1.5 years of study.

Teen voices middle school and high school level french conversation course

Advanced French Courses 

Business Vocabulary 

Intended for intermediate and advanced adult learners, these vocab essons cover general business topics, such as writing letters and emails, answering the phone, and dealing with customer complaints, as well as domain-specific topics, such as marketing and sales, warehousing and transportation of goods, and stock market and investment terms. You will also learn to address others, using the appropriate level of formality for a business setting, ask and answer questions about business-related topics, and use domain-specific terms. 

advanced french business vocabulary course

Medical Vocabulary 

Designed to prepare you to discuss emergency topics with medical professionals, these lessons teach you to ask and answer basic medical questions about symptoms, ailments, injuries, medication, and much more. 

advanced french medical vocabulary course

Other Resources

Grammar Reference

The Grammar Reference includes more than 120 written passages explaining different French grammar concepts, ranging from basics like noun gender and adjective agreement, to tenses and verb conjugation.

French language learning course grammar reference

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  1. lili:

    Is it possible to take the basic and intermediate French courses for both the teens and
    adults at the same time?

    • meaghan:

      @lili It is! Transparent Language Online is completely flexible. You can work on as many of the courses simultaneously as you’d like, and you can even jump around the course and complete lessons in any order, skip learning activities you don’t enjoy, etc.

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