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Finding the right learning materials Posted by on Feb 2, 2021 in For Learners, Learning + Usage Tips

Two of our frequently asked questions from Transparent Language Online learners:

  1. “Do I have to start with the content on my Learning Path?”
  2. “What do I do when I’ve finished all of the content on my Learning Path?”

The short answer: you do you!

Your Learning Path is fully customizable. Watch the video below to learn how to remove lessons and add new lessons from the Browse tab, which houses all of the available materials in your language. Read the course descriptions and skim the course tags to find materials that cover the right proficiency level and topics for your needs.

Don’t forget—there’s also more to explore beyond completing courses. We recommend spending 10 minutes every day reviewing what you’ve previously learned and focusing on specific language skills (listening, speaking, reading, or writing) that may need improvement.

Learning a language with Transparent Language Online is not a slog from Point A to Point B. Make the most of every minute by browsing for the materials that are most interesting and relevant to you, practicing the skills you need most, and reviewing it all regularly so you’ll always have the right words when you need them.

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