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Real World Collection “Distinguished” Level (CEFR C2) Posted by on Aug 15, 2023 in For Learners

Say so long to the intermediate plateau with the most advanced lessons ever added to Transparent Language Online!

The new “Distinguished” level in the Real World Collection is equivalent to CEFR C2/ACTFL Distinguished—that’s 36 hours of reading and listening practice at native-like proficiency.

Analyze long, complex texts and learn to detect sarcasm, allusion, or bias. Get comfortable listening to fast-paced conversations on unfamiliar topics.

Available now in Transparent Language Online for Chinese, Farsi, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Explore authentic materials

Explore authentic texts and audio clips professionally rated at CEFR C2.

Each lesson focuses on a source covering topics ranging from geopolitics to economics to technology.

For example, in Spanish you’ll read an op-ed on Colombian tax reform. In Russian you’ll listen to an interview with a Russian historian about monopolies on natural resources.

These sources expose you to the most recent language usage while exploring culture and history.

CEFR C2 Chinese lessons

Master advanced language features

Get comfortable with advanced language features like:

  • figurative language
  • idioms
  • allusion
  • satire
  • rhetorical questions
  • metaphors
  • implicit information
  • and more!

CEFR C2 French lesson

Build vocab depth

You’ll also acquire lots of lower-frequency or domain specific vocabulary in topics ranging from artificial intelligence to legal defense to lending markets.

Vocab items are accompanied by in-depth explanations that provide context, additional meanings, literal translations, and more.

CEFR C2 Chinese Lesson

Improve reading and listening comprehension

Refine your reading and listening comprehension so you’re ready to enjoy the full spectrum of authentic sources: books, op-peds, interviews, documentaries, etc.

Comprehension activities target the features of the text/audio that push it to the C2 level, such as rhetorical devices, implied cultural information, and analysis of the author’s arguments.

CEFR C2 Russian Lesson

Take the first step toward advanced proficiency with the 2-week free trial of Transparent Language Online. Or find it free at your library!

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