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9x Platinum at the Modern Library Awards Posted by on Jan 12, 2024 in Company News, For Libraries

The word of the day is nonuple.

You know double, triple, quadruple. But when you 9x something, it’s nonuple.

We’re so excited to announce Transparent Language Online is now a NONUPLE Modern Library Awards Platinum Award winner!

The Modern Library Awards (MLAs) are like the Oscars, but better because the voters are librarians evaluating the products they provide to their communities. For the 9th year in a row, Transparent Language Online has received a Platinum Award, the highest honor possible.

Librarians scored us at 9.024/10.0, with feedback that made us blush a tiny bit:

  • “We needed to find a product that would meet our growing community diversity and provide an engaging platform. The implementation and support for us as a consortia was excellent. The adoption rate in the first month doubled the language learning usage and it continues to climb. The product is relevant and evolving. Hard to believe it was the lower cost option. The staff are committed to success and have focused on libraries. I LOVE this platform.”
  • “We onboarded with Transparent Language Online this spring and the staff was helpful and our process was smooth. This product is very affordable and fills a specific need within our consortium. The company’s commitment to Native language preservation was the deciding factor in our choice to offer Transparent Language Online to our patrons and we are confident that we’ve made the right choice.”
  • “Transparent Language is an excellent language learning program that provides the ability for users of all ages to learn different languages. Their service and support is always quick and thorough. ASL was the most requested language so we are very happy they’ve found a way to incorporate a video based language into their platform.”

Transparent Language Online Modern Library Award Winner

Our Library Programs Manager, Lauren Gancarz, gives credit back to the libraries:

“Libraries are on the front lines of meeting so many diverse community needs. And they always seem to take on that challenge with a smile and a creative energy that is so inspiring to work alongside. We get some of our best ideas from our library customers’ feedback. It’s been a joy to implement their big requests this year, from more ASL to more offline learning in the app. This award may be for Transparent Language Online, but thanks is due right back to our library community. We love working with them and look forward to even more collaboration in 2024.”

Transparent Language Online updates that libraries and patrons loved in 2023 include:

  • Offline learning: Learners can now download lessons in the mobile appto learn when they’re offline or don’t have access to WiFi or data.
  • More ASL: Double, actually. After ASL cracked our top 10 languages in just 3 months in 2022, we expanded the Beginner ASL Course in 2023. 8 new units. 242 new signs. 33 more hours of American Sign Language instruction.
  • More intermediate & advanced materials: We added our most advanced courses ever, teaching all the way up to CEFR C2 in the Real World Collection. 50-100+ hours of intermediate and advanced lessons that help learners consume more real-world authentic sources with confidence. Read the news. Listen to podcasts. Watch YouTube videos. Just like a native speaker. Available in 11 popular languages.
  • More indigenous languages: Through our partnership with 7000 Languages, we added four new indigenous languages this year: Kalmyk, Tanacross, Upper Tanana, and Shugni. Learners can now choose from more than 30 indigenous and endangered languages!

To our existing library partners, thank you, merci, gracias, 谢谢, and beyond. It’s a joy to help you bring and promote language learning to your communities!

If you are looking for inspiration and materials to help spread the word, check out the Library Marketing Kit, which we update throughout the year.

To librarians curious about bringing language learning opportunities to your community, we’re excited to speak with you in 2024 and show you what’s possible with Transparent Language Online for Libraries.

Keep learning a language with us!

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