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New: Review your vocab using all 4 skills Posted by on Mar 7, 2024 in Uncategorized

3,000-4,000. That’s how many words you’ve mastered by CEFR B1-B2ish.

That’s a lot of vocab to keep up with!Practice Activities Transparent Language Online

Learned Vocab makes it easy. It stores every word/phrase you learn. And prompts you to review at the right time.

Until now you could only refresh your vocab with a simple yes/no flashcard-style activity. But with 18 vocab activities available… we can do better than that. 👀

Now you can refresh your Learned Vocab with listening, speaking, reading, and typing Practice Activities!

Listening multiple choice. Pronunciation practice. Dictation. And 15 more.

Two birds with one stone: hone your weaker skills while you review your vocab.

If you refresh your vocab via the Learned Vocab tile, you’ll do the traditional flashcard-style activity. See the target language. Think the meaning. Self-report correct or incorrect. But if you want to switch it up…

You can also refresh your vocab through any of our 18+ learning activities in the Practice tab:

  1. Visit the Practice tab. You’ll find it below Learned Vocab on desktop, or in the hamburger menu on mobile.
  2. Select any Practice activity. The icons indicate the primary modality practiced in that activity.
  3. Choose to practice on your Learned Vocab. Short on time? Start with your 10 most stale. Otherwise, you can select specific vocab to practice. review Learned Vocab with Practice activities Transparent Language Online
  4. Complete any combination of two Practice activities using your Learned Vocab and they’ll become fresh again! refresh vocabulary with practice activities transparent language online

Really want to stay on top of your vocabulary? Add your own vocab from outside Transparent Language Online, so you can refresh it alongside the vocab you pick up from our lessons.

Log in now to freshen up that stale vocab ASAP. (Don’t have an account yet? Sign up free at a library near you.)

Keep learning a language with us!

Build vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and more with Transparent Language Online. Available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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