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Awesome Resources for Learning Latin Posted by on Jun 5, 2014 in Latin Language

People often question the relevancy of Latin due to the fact that it is thought to be a dead language ( I have an entire argument against that here). While this is technically true, Latin offers to people a chance to enhance their current language  (if that language is a Romance Language [i.e. French, Italian, Spanish, etc.] or English). Latin roots permeate throughout most words, and allow individuals to ameliorate their vocabulary.

Transparent Language offers many ways to learn languages and has over 100 languages to learn: From Arfikaans to Zulu learn them all here.

For Latin, Transparent Language offers Popular Audio Phrases (here) and the Latin Word of the Day (email subscription here).

I know, I love opening my Latin Word of the Day! I always make a game out of it by covering the translation and trying to see how quickly I can translate the Latin or what words I immediately recognize!

For Latin you can check out the latest Latin news, the Word of the Day, the latest Blog post on Facebook (here) and Twitter (here), AND there is also a YouTube Channel (here). These will surely help you in your language adventures and discovering the impact Latin has in popular culture!


Helpful Posts that show you: What it is, How to use it, and other helpful tips for grammar!

Nouns Basic: Here.

Nominative & Vocative: Here

Accusative: Here.

Genitive: Here.

Dative: Here.

Ablative: Here.

Noun 1st Declension: Singular, Plural

Noun 2nd Declension: Singular, Plural, Neuter, Neuter II

Noun 3rd Declension: Singular, Plural, Odd Verbs

Noun 4th Declension: Feminine, Neuter, Irregular

Adverbs: Here.

Verb Basics: Here.

Verbs 1st Conjugation: Here.

Verbs 2nd Conjugation: Here.

Verbs 3rd Conjugation: Here.

Verbs 4th Conjugation: Here.


This Month this blog will be posting on the following topics: How to Write a Love Letter in Latin, Video Games & Latin, The Enigmatic Festival of Summanus. Are you excited? I know I am!

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  1. Martha Pavlick:

    Do you know of a side by side translation of the Aeneid–English & Latin?