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12 great Polish posts for beginners! Posted by on Jan 25, 2015 in Grammar, Phrases

Here, at Transparent Language Polish blog site, I try to share with you all kinds of different informations about Poland and Polish language. I include current Polish news, grammar, useful phrases, songs, books, places to visit, where to eat, history…Today I put a list of 12 blogs, that I think will be super helpful to all beginners, and not only…

1. Any time you need help, just ask…simple…Kto pyta, nie błądzi (Who asks, does not wander). How can I help you? post will come pretty handy here:)

Image by Erwan bazin  on Flickr.com

Image by Erwan bazin on Flickr.com

2. Books, maps, magazines…all these will help you in learning a language. Use vocabulary you need while shopping Visit to a book store

3. Counting to 3 should be calming…So let’s count! Numbers

Image by mrsdkrebs on Flickr.com

Image by mrsdkrebs on Flickr.com


4. Most popular and useful Polish phrases – print them out and keep them on you….Useful Polish phrases

5. Can’t study with empty stomach…so let’s talk about food:) Śniadanie, Obiad, Kolacja Useful vocabulary, what Poles typically eat during the day…and much more!



Image by Much Ramblings on Flickr.com

Image by Much Ramblings on Flickr.com

6. We don’t want to be late for school, work, date, meeting….Knowing time and date in Polish is really important! This post will definitely come in handy: Data i godzina

7. Family is important…Once you meet people speaking Polish…they want to get to know you. Describing  yourself, your life, your family may be very personal…but if you decide to do it, check out this blog: My Family – Moja Rodzina

8. So you study and study…and people ask you: Why are you learning Polish? Well…I have an answer! Why learn Polish? Let’s see if you will persuade someone else to learn Polish!

9. Do you see the world in gray…or bright colors? I definitely like the bright ones! Check out Kolory tęczy and learn more about colors in Polish:)

10. Do you know your body? Here is a great lesson about naming your Body Parts

11. How to put a sentence together? Well,  that’s tricky…especially when you just starting to learn a new language. Read Word order in Polish grammar to get more comfortable:)

12. And finally, Valentines Day is just around the corner…so why not talk about Love? Love is in the air ♥ post will close the list of 12 most helpful blogs for all beginners in learning Polish language:) Good luck!



Image by story astoria on Flickr.com

Image by story astoria on Flickr.com

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

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  1. lance:

    Love your blog, I learned Polish since birth too. You are doing a great service to your children.