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10 of the Most Important Posts for New Arabic Lovers Posted by on Jan 12, 2015 in Arabic Language, Grammar, Vocabulary

Marhaba! The New Year is about new beginnings. These might include picking up a new hobby, traveling to a new destination, or learning a new language! You might be on the verge of learning Arabic and you’ve reached the right place! Here at the Arabic language and culture blog, we provide different learning tools to cater to all learning levels, from beginner (مُبتدئ) to advanced (مُتقدِّم). Today I am going to share what I think are 10 important posts for an Arabic lover who is just embarking on his or her Arabic learning journey! These include basic language and cultural lessons (دروس), and some fun stories from a native Arabic speaker. These posts cover most of the basics (المبادئ) and can help you hit the ground running. I am sure my colleagues (زُملائي) at the Transparent Language Arabic team will also provide additional posts that will equally contribute to your Arabic learning journey (رحلة أو مَسيرة). Our common goal is always to help you learn in the best and most efficient way.

Learn from Flickr

Learn from Flickr

1) Learn to Say Hello and Introduce Yourself in Arabic: What better way to start your Arabic learning journey than by learning these fundamental basics?

2) Learn the 3 Most Common Arabic Expressions: Learn one or all of these common Arabic expressions before you travel to anywhere in the Arab world or if you want to impress your Arab friends.

3) Learn the 100 Most Common Words in Arabic: If you are looking to learn Arabic quickly, then by all means learn most of the words on the list. Think of them as building blocks! I am confident this will give you a huge leg up when writing, reading, and listening to Arabic.

4) Learn how 10 of the 100 Most Common Words in Arabic are Used in Sentences: Building on the importance of learning the 100 most common words in Arabic is learning how they can be used in building sentences. These are 10 examples of how the most common words in Arabic can be used in sentences.

5) Learn Some Common Arabic Nouns and Prepositions: Similar to learning the 100 most common words in Arabic and different examples, it is equally important to learn some of the most important Arabic nouns and prepositions to improve your writing and learning skills. Learn these nouns and prepositions, and check the different examples.

Arabic Tiles from Flickr

Arabic Tiles from Flickr

6) Learn All About Places and Buildings in Arabic: Another valuable tool for learning about the most common organizations and buildings in Arabic. All these words are useful for first time Arabic learners and advanced learners that need to refresh their memory. Make sure to check out the examples as well.

7) How can you Talk about your Hobby in Arabic? We all have hobbies and learning to discuss them in Arabic is extremely important for newbies. Learn how to discuss some common hobbies in Arabic with your friends and family.

8) Learn to Express Anger in Arabic: When I learn something new, there is always a degree of anger involved. I sometimes do not get right or have to repeat the same thing over and over. Well, this is common with learning any language and at times you might feel angry! So what better way to vent off than by learning these anger expressions in Arabic?

9) A Love Letter to Hummus: It’s hard to meet someone that does not appreciate one of the greatest inventions from the Arab world: hummus! Learning a new language should involve some fun and humor. Check my love letter to hummus and enjoy getting immersed into my personal journey!

10) The Essentials about the Arab Spring: Learning Arabic involves studying vocabulary and grammar; however, it also involves getting acquainted with Arabic culture and latest happenings in the Arab world. The Arab Spring that swept most states in the Arabic world remains the most important topic of discussion to this very moment. Make sure to check this post to learn about what happened, especially when you’re learning Arabic and/or planning to travel to the Arab world soon.

Image from Flickr

Image from Flickr

 Hope these posts will help you get acquainted with some of the most important basics of learning the beautiful language. Stay tuned for similar posts in the near future. For now take care and stay tuned for future posts.

 Happy Learning!!

Have a nice day!!

نهاركم سعيد

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